America’s Favorite Dairy Goat

the nigerian dwarf: small but mighty is not a registry and is not affiliated with any registry. It is an independent organization created to celebrate and support the breed across all relevant registries, including ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) and AGS (American Goat Society), as well as breed clubs like ANDDA and mixed-breed registries like MDGA and the mini-silky association, and in countries outside the United States. The breed currently exists in the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere.

Nigerian Dwarf Bullseye

One of our primary concerns is the health and longevity of the Nigerian Dwarf breed and of the animals within it. These incredibly productive little creatures currently enjoy a unique niche at the intersection of the livestock world and the world of companion animals. Whether modeling Goats of Instagram sweaters, bringing goat yoga to life, or producing an abundance of incredibly rich milk, Nigerians are indisputably America’s favorite dairy goat. Since their acceptance into the ADGA registry in 2005, Nigerians have rocketed in popularity; they are currently the most popular breed in ADGA, and represent more than half of all ADGA registrations, eclipsing the once-mighty Nubian as America’s Favorite Dairy Goat.

Nigerians’ rocketing popularity is reflected in their ADGA registration numbers

Health issues

Nigerians have unique health concerns which may or may not be related to the rising homozygosity in the breed. Current concerns include squamous cell carcinoma, which appears to affect the breed disproportionately, and carpal hyperextension, which can cause debilitating pain and lameness. There are now dedicated Facebook groups for people dealing with either of these conditions.

There is a planned genetic study at UC-Davis into SCC in the Nigerian Dwarf, although it appears to be on hold currently. Do you have a Nigerian with squamous cell carcinoma? Please consider joining. For all the details, including a downloadable consent form, head to Herron Hill Dairy.

To learn more about carpal hyperextension, check out the “limping goat” page at Pholia Farm and read about the recently concluded study at Oregon State University.

Other Common Health Conditions