Dairy Performance

Nigerians have proven themselves to be tremendous milkers, pound for pound. In addition to the volume of milk a top performer can produce, Nigerian components (the components are butterfat and protein) on average tend to be much higher than standard dairy breeds. Sometimes MUCH higher. Top Ten Milkers offers a data-centric view of Nigerian performance, with views of the milk, butterfat, and protein of top producers.


One of the unfortunate things about the way the breed has evolved is that its records are scattered across multiple registries. Gene Dershewitz’ indispensable ADGAgenetics offers pedigrees for ADGA-registered animals going back to 2005, the year ADGA recognized the breed. Some conscientious breeders at their own expense have added older and deceased animals to the ADGA registry, which extends the pedigree information somewhat but not as much as needed.

AGS, which was the primary Nigerian Dwarf registry in the decade before ADGA recognition, does not have a searchable online database. Through its PedSearch feature Top Ten Milkers provides crucial supplemental geneaology – records of many of the legendary ND animals such as Raha Acres Twinks Pixie, Goodwood Tom Thumb, NC Promisedland Ram-Beau, Stonewall’s Raising Arizona, Gay-Mor RA Kingwood, Flat Rocks Surprise, and of course the foundation doe to whom almost all Nigerians go back – Pine Cone Valley Black Satin.


Since their admission to the ADGA registry 15 years ago, Nigerians have rapidly eclipsed all the other dairy breeds and are now the most popular dairy goat breed in America.